Needing to borrow money quickly can limit your options, especially if you need money within a few hours, but there are several lenders that offer loans for bad credit instant decision options in the UK.

Here's how to compare quick loans online so that your get the deal for your finances and keep the cost of your borrowing under control.

Consider the alternatives to instant loans for bad credit

Before you apply for an instant payday loan it makes sense to consider the other financial options available to you.

Although applying for a quick online loan seems a convenient way to borrow money at short notice, it is also very expensive so should only be used as a financial last resort.

The cheapest way to borrow money quickly isn't usually with an instant loan; it can often be with a credit card, especially if you can find a deal with 0% interest on balance transfers or 0% money transfers for a number of months.

If your credit rating means credit cards aren't an option, look into an authorised bank account overdraft, borrowing from a friend, a guarantor loan or a Credit Union or Budget Loan.

Take a look at our guide: The Cheapest Way to Borrow Money Fast. This will give you a list of alternatives to bad credit instant loans when you need to borrow at short notice.

Decide how much you need to borrow

Knowing exactly how much you need to borrow and for how long before you start comparing instant pay day loans will enable to look for a loan best suited to your borrowing needs.

Calculate the minimum you need to borrow to meet your financial needs until pay day and avoid increasing the amount you apply for simply because it is on offer.

Compare the costs involved

Although you need to borrow money at short notice, you should still take the time to compare instant payday loan prices so your short term loan doesn't become a long term headache.

Look at the interest rates and fees applied by each payday lender and go for the option that costs you the least overall, whether that's with a broker, or direct with no brokers involved.

All of the payday loan providers listed in our instant payday loans UK comparison table offer instant decision loans and transfer the money into your account quickly. However, due to regulatory changes no credit check loans are no longer available.

You can compare quick loans for bad credit online side by side, find the cheapest option, apply direct and get access to the money you need fast.

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