Although the most common logbook loans are on cars, you can get them on motorbikes too, but you'll need to do your research before you apply...

How do bike logbook loans work?

Motorbike logbook loans are secured loans on your bike. You to sign over ownership of your motorbike to the lender and don't get it back until you've paid off the money you've borrowed. You can still ride your motorbike as long as you keep up the repayments, but you don't own it for the duration of the loan.

If you did end up falling behind in paying it off, the logbook loan company would be able to get their money back by taking your bike from you and selling it.

Interest rates are also very high, so they're not ideal if you're able to get a loan another way.

Can motorcycle logbook loans be a risk?

One of the biggest perils of a logbook loan is the high interest rate. If you want a long term loan, you could easily end up paying out several times more than the amount you borrow.

How much you owe can escalate quickly if things go wrong and you miss any payments, especially if the lender charges large fees for this. Some companies do work with you to find a way for you to repay them, but some might repossess and sell your motorbike if you miss just one payment.

If your motorbike then sold for less than the amount you owe, you'd have to cover the shortfall. Make sure you read the terms of each lender you consider to see how they deal with missed payments - this way, you'll know where you stand.

What are the alternatives to motorbike logbook loans?

If you can get a loan that doesn't put your motorbike at risk and offers a lower interest rate, you should certainly go for that instead. This might even be possible if you have a bad credit rating.

A credit card will offer a much lower interest rate than a logbook loan, so check out our guide, Can You Get Credit Cards for Low Credit Score?

If you can get a guarantor loan or a personal loan, you won't have to sign ownership of your bike over to the lender and it will probably have a lower interest rate. Our guide looks into them further: Can You Get an Unsecured Loan with Bad Credit?

If neither of these suit your circumstances, our guide, How to Borrow Money With Bad Credit explains more about your options.

How to look for cheap logbook loans for motorcycles

If you decide that a logbook loan is the only way forward, make sure you shop around to get a competitive deal. Here's what to look for:

How much you need to borrow

First decide on how much you need to borrow, and don't be tempted to take more just because you're offered it, as the more you borrow, the more it'll cost you in interest to pay it back.

Once you've settled on an amount, look for the companies that will offer to lend that much to you. This will usually be a percentage of how much they think your bike's worth - usually up to 50% but some will go higher.

How long do you need to repay it?

The term over which you pay off your loan should be one that fits with your income and circumstances, so decide what suits you before you start looking.

Try to keep the term as short as you can afford, as this will reduce the total amount of interest you'll need to pay. You should also look into how regular repayments have to be - usually weekly or monthly.

Are there any extra charges?

Plenty of loans could be made more expensive if they involve fees, so make sure you consider how likely it is you'll fall foul of these, and include them in the total cost when you look at the loan.

Some logbook lenders will charge you if you make overpayments to settle the loan more quickly. Having the flexibility to pay it off quicker could help you keep down the loan's cost, so check if each lender charges if you repay early.

Most will also charge penalties for missing payments. While you should do your best to avoid this, when you look into each lender, make sure you understand how they will act if things go wrong.

Interest rates

Although most motorbike logbook loans charge high interest rates these rates can still vary hugely from one lender to another.

Each loan will specify a representative APR, giving you an idea of what sort of interest you will pay, so the lower the rate, the better.

It's really helpful when the lender's website includes a loan calculator. They let you enter how much you want to borrow and show you what it will cost you each month and overall over different repayment terms. This is a great way to work out what you can afford, plus it makes comparing loans easier.

Compare logbook loans for motorbikes

Once you've decided exactly what loan amount and term you need, you can then match your requirements to lenders that meet them with our motorbike logbook loan UK comparison.

Make sure you understand how each company deals with missed payments, and only consider those that will treat you fairly. You can then compare how much you'll need to pay overall and pick the cheapest. If you're sure you need the money and that there are no better ways to borrow it, you're ready to apply for the bike logbook loan you've found.

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